ILTSA Training Courses

Whether you are currently a licensee, working for a brewery, wishing to take up this profession or just wanting to develop your own knowledge of the licensed trade, the ITLSA training courses offer everything you will need to develop your stocktaking and auditing skills.

Anyone entering a profession where people’s jobs are dependent upon their accuracy, must be properly qualified and experienced, and it is for this reason our Intensive Stock Auditor course is seen as essential training and highly popular.

Intensive Stock Auditor course (3 days)

For all levels, no previous experience required

Whatever your current experience in the profession, nothing is taken for granted on our Intensive Stock Auditor course, as it takes you from the basics to advanced stocktaking.

Of course, it is impossible to create stocktakers over a three day period, but the lecturers will give everybody present a very good grounding of the profession, which will give them the stepping stone upon which to develop their own business or seek employment.

Previous attendees have said...

"I found the course to be an excellent learning experience. The course content was varied, interactive, and covered more areas than I imagined, I would not hesitate in recommending it to colleagues." H.D.

"Well constructed and followed a logical progression throughout. The lecturers obviously all knew their subject well and were helpful, patient and friendly both during the lectures and socially." D.P.

For existing stocktakers this Intensive course will reinforce their knowledge and give them the capacity to develop their own professionalism, also substantially increasing the likelihood of their passing the Institute examinations and gaining professional status.

ILTSA Exam Refresher (and Examination)

For Associate Members

For those looking to complete the ILTSA professional examination we offer a Refresher Day followed by the Exam the next day. Our lecturers will help you prepare for the exam and give you the best opportunity to pass the exam first time.


ILTSA Accreditation

For members only

The ILTSA member accreditation scheme is designed to provide continuing professional development and support to members throughout their working life.

Members are regularly assessed on a relatively informal process which gives them an opportunity to consider their working practices and discuss difficulties with a group of experienced and helpful fellow professionals.

The process takes around one hour and is undertaken at regional venues around the country. If accredited, members are issued with a certificate which is valid for seven years.


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