Taking and passing the ILTSA professional exams gives you professional credibility to clients and colleagues alike.

As the only qualifying body for licensed trade stock auditors, if you are pursuing a stocktaking career the ILTSA exams are essential.

Eligibility Guidelines

To be able to take the ILTSA Exams each candidate for the examination must be an Associate member of the Institute and have the relevant experience and knowledge to apply to take the exam.

It is unlikely that anyone with less than two years experience (or one year if in the employ of a qualified stock auditor) would be able to achieve the required level of expertise. However, participation on the Intensive Stock Auditor course (3 days) would be seen as a possible means of reducing these times.

When & Where

The ITLSA examinations are normally held twice a year, in March and October. They are usually held in a Central England location. See details of the next course»

Exams Format

The examination is in two parts, Practical and Theory, and a candidate must pass both to become a qualified member. If one part only is failed, that part only need be re-taken on a future occasion.

Charges for taking the examination are as follows:-

  • Both parts - £75.00 + V.A.T., including lunch and coffee.
  • One part - £55.00 + V.A.T., including lunch and coffee.


Practical Paper (time allowed – 4 hours)

Exam candidates required to undertake a physical stock count. In conjunction with relevant paperwork, using their own systems, they must produce a full stock report and detail advice given to the client.

Candidates will also be asked to consider a separate stock report, containing deliberate errors; they will be asked to identify these. They will also have to produce a hydrometer reading during the course of the day.

Theory Paper (time allowed – 3 hours)

The paper will cover liquor, food and general stocktaking. The first ten questions are compulsory, and eight of the remaining ten must be answered.

Exam Refresher Day

The Institute runs the exams on a regular basis but it is recommended that candidates take the Exam Refresher prior to the exam to give them the best chance of passing.

Our lecturers will work with you over the course of the Refresher Day to help you prepare for the exam which is then taken the next day.


Exam Theory Past papers

These are available primarily for members wishing to download them for revision purposes.  They also give a good indication of the standard and in-depth knowledge that we expect our members to possess.


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