How to choose your stocktaker

Finding the right expert stock auditor to support you and your business doesn't need to be difficult, but if you are not sure what skills and qualifications you are looking take a look at our guide below.

Firstly, if you are not sure that you need a stock auditor then please read more about why you need an independent stocktaker here»

There are hundreds of stock auditors across the UK & Ireland who have a wide range of experience in different aspects of the trade. So where do you start?

Choose a qualified stock auditor

It almost goes without saying but you should be start your search by looking for a qualified and experienced stock auditor. A stock audit, whether for the licensed trade or catering, requires the skills and knowledge associated with training and experience.

How do I find a qualified stocktaker?

The ILTSA is the only qualifying body for the Licensed Trade in Britain and so our list of members guarantees you will find a qualified stock auditor. Search here»

Stocktaker qualifications

The ILTSA recognises the different levels of its members:

  • • Associate level is open to anyone interested in joining the profession and provides access to training and support
  • • Full membership is achieved through the passing of appropriate examinations
  • • Fellowship is available to full members after seven years.
  • • Accredited is achieved Full and Fellowship members by undertaking a review of business processes by the ILTSA Accreditation team.

Do I need a local stocktaker?

This depends upon the service and the frequency of the visits you require but in general a stocktaker in the local area or within easy driving distance is helpful. However, most stocktakers will cover a county or several counties and as they are always traveling to you it doesn't need to be a big factor in your decision of who to use.

Is experience in my business sector important?

A significant part of what a stock auditor is offering you is there experience to identify issues, potential issues, as well as opportunities. So the closer the match of their experience to your business the better they will be able to support you.

The ILTSA stock auditor search helps you identify the various skills of the qualified stocktakers listed including food/catering, multi-bar and mystery shopping.

Ask your potential stock auditor?

Here are some questions to ask your potential stock auditor:

  • What stocktaking qualifications do you have?
  • Are you a member of a professional stocktaking body?
  • How long have you been a stocktaker for?
  • What experience do you have of stock auditing in a business like mine?
  • What are the pricing options?
  • Can I speak to one of your existing clients for a reference?

Money well spent

The costs of using a qualified and professional stock auditor are often covered many times over by the savings that are possible. Not to use their expertise is to risk putting your business in jeopardy. Start your stocktaker search here»


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