Stocktaker, stocktaking… you should join ILTSA and here’s why

Why you should join ILTSAIf you are a stocktaker, or carrying out stocktaking work, the chances are you are self-employed, working on your own and without the opportunity to meet other professionals in the trade.

Not surprisingly, being a stocktaker can seem a lonely place with little expert help or support at hand.

Joining ILTSA, the trade body for stock auditors across the UK, is the best way to gain a support network of fellow stock audit professionals. From training and advice to holiday & sick cover, being a member of the Institute can help support you and your business.

How ILTSA membership can help you

Here are just a few of the ways that the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors membership can help you:

Training & qualifications

  • If you are just starting out on a stocktaking career, then ILTSA provides a comprehensive 3-day course run by members that gives a thorough understanding of the profession.
  • Passing the ILTSA exams means you become a qualified member of the only qualifying body for stocktakers in the Licensed Trade. Promoting yourself as such gives clients more confidence in employing you as they know that you have proved your expertise and professional skills.
  • The ILTSA Accreditation scheme is an opportunity for continuing professional development.  Members working practices are assessed by a group of experienced and helpful fellow professionals and is a great way to develop best practice and your skills.

Business lead generation

  • Since the ILTSA website was relaunched it is getting more traffic & generating more stocktaking inquiries for our members.
  • There is an opportunity to pick up new business from areas of the country that have no or limited coverage. As an example, there was recent inquiry for a stocktaking job in Anglesey but unfortunately there was no one in the area to take it.
  • Members are more likely to recommend another member for work that they are unable to cover or is out of their area.


  • If you require help to cover sickness, holiday or the odd job that you cannot cover then there is help available for these situations.
  • We are able to offer a range of member benefits such as discounts on AA membership.


  • Once you’re a member (you do not need to be qualified), there is the opportunity to attend the annual AGM weekend which is held in a different location each year. This weekend is a good opportunity to socialise with other stocktakers & their partners. Starting on a Friday with day trip to a something interesting in the local area. Saturday morning is the day of the AGM, then you have Saturday afternoon free.
  • As a qualified member there is the opportunity to become a member of the council that runs the organization and helps set the professional standards of stocktaking.
  • We also have active Facebook & Twitter pages that can be used to network with your fellow ILTSA members.

Find out more

Being a member of ILTSA will be a big benefit to your chosen career. Find out more and apply using the links below: