Survey paints gloomy picture of pub closure rate

CAMRA What Pub GuidePub closures are continuing at an alarming rate according to data compiled by CAMRA’s What Pub online guide, which covers about 47,500 pubs across the UK.

The data covers the period between 1st July 2017 and 31st December 2017 with data from the previous twelve months.

UK pub closures

Total Per week
Jul – Dec 2017 460 17.7
Jan – Jun 2017 525 20.2
Jul – Dec 2016 455 17.5

Regional breakdown

Closures %
East Midlands 38 1.1
East of England 62 1.0
Greater London 52 1.2
North East 16 0.6
North West 59 0.9
South East 62 1.0
South West 47 0.9
West Midlands 35 0.8
Yorkshire & Humberside 57 1.2


A fair reflection?

Crucially the survey gives no information on pub openings and there have certainly been many licensed premises opening. However, these may well not be more traditional pubs.


Do these survey results reflect your experience out in the market, are you seeing signs of an increase in new openings?
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