Supplier promotion over-charging costs £1000+. Stocktaking true stories

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A client who has a hotel of 30 bedrooms, a busy bar & three mobile food units, buys most of his food and all cleaning materials from one supplier.

On a regular basis the supplier runs promotions for two monthly periods and to take advantage of this my client buys large amounts of products just before the relevant promotion finishes.

On this particular occasion I was extracting the purchases, two days before the promotion finished, for the mobile food units and noticed that the prices had gone up by quite a large amount. On checking the promotion pamphlets I found that the promotion was still running and the supplier had over charged.

On doing the calculations for the client I found that he had been overcharged, just for the food products, over £495.  This figure increased when I also checked the other items that were on the invoice to the prices on the promotion.

This was the second time in six months that this error had happened.  The client was delighted as he admitted that it was likely as they were so busy that he would not have noticed.  So on these two occasions I had saved him in excess of £1000, meaning I had saved him a large part of my year’s fees.

One very happy client who is not likely to dispense with my services as he can see the value I bring to his business.


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