Looking after our clients: Best practice

ILTSA best practiceWe all have come across the situation when ringing or emailing a client to confirm the next visit that they cancel it because they are going to be out, it’s not convenient  that day or because “the accountant has the paperwork”.

So what do you do when a client cancels a routine stocktaking visit? Do you say “okay, let me know when you want it done”?

In an ideal world, a client will get back to us but I bet many of us find that they simply don’t and you lose a client. There can be many reasons why they don’t call and it isn’t necessarily because they want to stop using your services. For example, they may have been intending to call back but, after a few weeks have passed, they haven’t as they are too embarrassed to as it has been so long or that simply just forgot.

Be proactive and show your client you care

We need to look after our clients by being more proactive.  Being proactive is a positive thing. There is a tendency to worry that we’re hassling our client but this is not the case, we are providing an important service.

So, if the visit has been cancelled why not make sure you put it in your diary to give them another call to arrange a new meeting. If you have space in your diary, why not give them a call to suggest a few dates that you can pop-in and get the stocktake count done.

why not use the opportunity to explain that delays in stocktakes can mean issues don’t come to light and get remedied as quickly

If they are waiting on their accountant, give your client a call to remind them to chase the all important paperwork.  If getting hold of your client can be difficult, email them with two or three alternative dates and let them know you will call them in a few days to confirm the rearranged date.

Also, why not use the opportunity to explain that delays in stocktakes can mean issues don’t come to light and get remedied as quickly. Additionally, for larger establishments regular stocktakes also avoids the chances of a surcharge for the extra time to do the paperwork over a longer period.

Some other customer care thoughts

Be nice to them, make them feel special.  They are special for that day; they are paying you for your time so give it to them.  Make sure when you have finished the report, you go through it with them so they understand what the report means.   Clients will usually just look at two things, the surplus or deficit and the gross profit. If you do the rest for them they will appreciate the benefit of your visit and look forward to the next one.

The more information you give them the more they will think of your ability to do a good job.  Do you give them reports they do not know you can produce?  Clients have no idea what information we can produce for them unless we give it to them. The chances are once they have received a report they will look forward to receiving it again.  You become invaluable to your client if you can give them something they did not know they wanted.


What’s your customer care top tip?
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Article written by Ron Foster



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