Have you gone social?

Have you gone social?As I’m sure we are all well aware, there are a lot of different social media options for personal and business use. Your options include… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and the business networking site LinkedIn.

Social media can be used to create awareness and generate business leads although, as always, it’s a case of finding what works for you (or not as in the case of Wetherspoons!).

Below are some tips and thoughts…


LinkedIn is a business networking site and one that makes a lot of sense for stock auditors to be present on. You can have a personal LinkedIn page but can also have a business page for posting articles and stories on.

LinkedIn is a good way of reaching new business contacts, enabling you to network beyond your existing contacts.

There are also lots of groups you can join based on your profession & interests, some of these groups are open & others you have to ask to join. You also can find companies to follow.

These groups & company pages provide you with the opportunity to join in with discussions or start your own to raise awareness of your services

It should also be noted that LinkedIn provides the opportunity to run targeted cost effective ads to promote your business.


A lot of people use Facebook to promote their business alongside their website, although some people use it instead of a website.

A business Facebook page is completely separate from your personal page, but to set up a business page you will need to have a personal account.

To create a business page you need to go to:

Click on the cog like icon at the top right of page & drop down menu appears.

  • The click “create a page”
  • Next page click on Company, organisation or institution
  • This will open in the box some sub menu’s, choose business category & fill in Business Name, agree to Facebook terms & conditions then click get started.
  • Follow the instructions to fill out your details
  • Once you have you page you can update when you like & add information
  • Once you have your page you can ask people to like your page

A useful and relatively cost effective, way to get your message out to a wider audience is ‘boosting’ your Facebook posts.

This is simple to do… after your post is live you will see a boost button alongside it where you can then choose your audience (by lots of factors including location), how long it runs and budget.


As you will know, Twitter can be used to post or share short notes, images and videos. Businesses use it to create awareness and promote their products and services.

Twitter now allows more than 140 characters for a message and provides advertising opportunities

If you have a Twitter account you can link Twitter & Facebook so that whatever you post in one can appear on the other.

On Twitter you can search for people to follow, when you follow them you will see their Tweets; people will also request you to follow them. When other people follow you they will see your tweets.


Image led social media that is popular with younger audiences. Increasingly used by businesses targeting a young professional audience, as a new advertising platform it offers relatively cheap advertising at this time.

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Article by Paul Hunt MILSA


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