Finding a stocktaker for your business

Finding a professional and qualified stocktaker

A professional and qualified stocktaker can be a real asset to your business, saving you money and helping you improve your bottom line.

ILTSA, the only qualifying body for stock auditors in the licensed trade, has made it easy for you to find a local stocktaker that will be a good fit with your business.

How to search for a stocktaker?

Choose from hundreds of stock auditors based across the UK who have passed professional exams and work under our professional code of conduct.

There are a number of way to search for a stocktaker near you:

  • Stocktaking search by county or region. The easiest way is to simply search for a stocktaker by your county or region. You will be see a list of qualified stocktakers in the area with the services they offer (i.e. licensed trade, catering).
  • Search by Map. You can search for a stocktaker using a map of the UK, you will need to zoom in, or use the maps on the county pages.
  • Search website. Use our website search to look for stock auditors in specific towns or locations.

How to choose a stocktaker?

Our search results will give you a list of stocktakers in your area, but how do you choose one?  Each of our stocktakers has a profile page where you can see a bit more about them, their experience, services as well as contact details.

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Why use an ILTSA approved stocktaker?

As the only qualifying body for stock auditors, we set the standards for stocktaking services and so you are guaranteed a great level of expertise and support.

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Who needs a stocktaker?

All businesses who have food and beverage stock would benefit from professional stock management services. Typically this includes: Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, B&Bs, Festivals, Events and lots more.