Delivery note mix-up creates invoice for 200 gallons not delivered. Stocktaking true stories

Stocktaking true story. Real stories from stocktakers and stock auditors

I read with interest the overcharge by the food supplier in the May Newsletter.

It reminded me of a situation I had some years ago which now seems quite funny but certainly was not funny to my client.

Out of stock but still invoiced

It was a pub company owned pub which was leased by my client.

He had ordered 10 x 22 gallons of Brew X1. Unfortunately, the brewery had actually run out of this product and the delivery note was marked NO BREW X1.

So, no Brew X1 was delivered but whoever raised the invoice, bless them, took it as no Brew delivered times 1 and invoiced the pub for 9 x 22 gallons.

It was not discovered until I did the stock audit and I was down on stock by the 198 gallons.

One very happy client when the credit note arrived for the overcharge.

I am regularly emailing suppliers on my clients behalf for overcharges and especially chasing credit notes for returned stock.

Suppliers seem very reluctant to send credit notes. What a surprise !!


Do you have a stocktaking true story you can share?
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