ILTSA Accreditation

The ILTSA member accreditation scheme is designed to provide continuing professional development and support to members throughout their working life.

ILTSA AccreditationMembers are regularly assessed on a relatively informal process which gives them an opportunity to consider their working practices and discuss difficulties with a group of experienced and helpful fellow professionals.

The process takes around one hour and is undertaken at regional venues around the country. If accredited, members are issued with a certificate which is valid for seven years.

We would like candidates to provide a sample liquor and food stock report with all supporting paperwork for us to examine and ask questions of the Stock Auditor responsible. This report will be within a time frame specified by the Accreditors. All information therein will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Prior to the event

A copy of the report to be considered is circulated to the Accreditors in advance. We do not ask for any supporting documents at this stage, just the report. This can be by e-mail or in hard copy. The premises name can be obscured or changed if thought necessary.

We would ask candidates to provide a short resume of their career to date, and we will send a pro-forma out for them to fill in.


The Process

We would expect the following documentation to support the report:

  • Delivery Notes/Invoices Wastage and allowances
  • Till/Cash & Sales reports
  • Count sheets
  • Any other documentation necessary


We would consider the following points, amongst others:

  • Is the reporting readily understood by the client
  • Can they find retail price and sales information if they need to check it?
  • Are allowances credible and correctly applied?
  • How are deliveries checked and is there any system of verification?
  • Is the Stock Auditor familiar with the systems used and are they ready to discuss anomalies with their client in an approachable manner?


We will choose a number of product lines and follow them through the audit trail.

There will be an opportunity to discuss the result, and the Accreditors will ask relevant questions, as well as presenting other scenarios for which the candidate can offer possible and practical solutions. We now have a large question bank of problems that we can put to candidates during the discussion. The Accreditors will offer advice in any area they feel could be worthy of attention.



Following the meeting, the Accreditors will discuss the candidates and their approach in camera. We will notify the candidates within a few days of the conclusion, and will send a certificate of accreditation in due course, should the candidate be of the required standard.

We reserve the right to ask a candidate to alter or change any practices that are felt to be inappropriate for a member of the ILTSA, and may ask candidates to return at a later date to confirm these measures have been implemented.


Feedback overwhelmingly positive

It is worth pointing out that our experience to date has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have been delighted with the skill and professionalism shown by the members who have put themselves forward for accreditation thus far.


Accreditation feedback...

"Having passed my Institute Exam in March 1994 I have sometimes wondered if I have been maintaining the level of professionalism taught on the training course. The Institute Accreditation scheme cured me of that. I found it extremely reassuring to have my work assessed by a panel of expert professionals and to be told that I am performing up to the Institute's high standards. Taking part in the accreditation scheme has given me a renewed confidence in approaching my work."

"Many thanks for Thursdays accreditation. I found the meeting very helpful and it had an empowering effect on the "we're all in it together" syndrome. We go about our daily business as individuals, and the knowledge that we are part of a strong body sometimes gets forgotten, the accreditation process restores and strengthens the fact we are part of an active and respected institute."


This has also had the benefit of enabling members, who may have had very little contact with the ILTSA since qualifying, to meet with fellow professionals and feel that they are not ploughing a lonely furrow, but are members of a supportive and responsive governing body.

We have also found that members have been able to offer suggestions and advice to the ILTSA, which has been of benefit to all of our members.


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