About the Institute oF Licensed Trade Stock Auditors

ILTSA About us

The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors (ILTSA) is the only qualifying body for stocktakers within the Licensed Trade, with members throughout the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Europe.

All ILTSA qualified stocktakers have proved their ability through professional training and extensive qualifying exams.

Stock control essential to a profitable business

Licensed retail premises should consider stock control as an essential part of a profitable business. All of the ILTSA members are able to provide regular stocktaking and give advice on stock control with skill, integrity and direction for businesses of all sizes.

The extensive training and examination process by which members qualify, ensures that they have the necessary skills to provide an expert service. The support and advice given by qualified ILTSA stock auditors is an essential part of the success of every licensed operation. With the backing of the Institute, access is available to a complete range of specialist advice.

When employing a stock auditor look for the letters F.I.L.S.A. and M.I.L.S.A. which signify a qualified member of the Institute. This helps ensure that you maximise profits, control your business and have peace of mind.

Established for over 60 years...

The Institute which has nearly four hundred members, has been active for over sixty years and prides itself on the training given to those considering pub and licensed trade stocktaking as a career.

Stocktaking offers variety, constant contact with people, and responsibility. Integrity and skill are paramount, and the I.L.T.S.A. offers a body which encompasses people properly trained in the profession, giving them maximum profile across the country, so that they can develop their businesses under a common umbrella, which is able to offer expertise in many subjects and which creates a pool of properly qualified and experienced people.

The Institute recognises the different levels of its members:

  • Associate level is open to anyone interested in joining the profession and provides access to training and support
  • Full membership is achieved through the passing of appropriate examinations
  • Fellowship is available to full members after seven years.

In 1991 the then association was awarded Institute Status by the Board of Trade. This was in no small way attributable to the training seminars, which are now recognised and acknowledged across the country. The I.L.T.S.A. is the only body in Britain which represents Licensed Trade Stock Auditors.

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