AGM – another great reason for stocktakers to be an ILTSA member

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Annual AGM & Social open to all members

One of the lesser known benefits of being a member of ILTSA is the annual AGM & Social Weekend.

As those in the industry know, stocktaking can be a lonely world with most stocktakers working on their own & not having contact with fellow stocktakers. The AGM therefore, is a great opportunity for members & partners to meet other stocktakers & partners.

A chance to swap stories, industry challenges and creative solutions. It’s also an opportunity to raise issues and often find someone who will be able to help with solving stocktaking problems.

2017 AGM: Harrogate

The years AGM & Social weekend was held in Harrogate at the Cedar Court Hotel.

Enjoyable local trip

Each year on the Friday of the AGM there is a trip to local point of interest and this year it was to National Coal Mining Museum for England, just outside Harrogate.

This was an interesting visit with an underground tour from a former miner which told the story of mining from the 1800’s to when it closed in 1985. We were equipped with hard hats & lamps & anything that could make a spark had to be left at the surface.

Sociable lunch & dinner

After the underground tour, there was an opportunity to look round the museum above ground before departing to Halifax for lunch at the Wainhouse Tavern, the Tavern was the house of John Edward Wainhouse & was finished in 1877.

After a busy day trip Friday is the formal dinner evening.

Getting down to business

Saturday morning is the serious part of the weekend in which the annual AGM is held. This an opportunity for members to find out what the council have been doing & future plans for ILTSA. This is also an opportunity for members to ask the council questions.

Also at the AGM any members who have applied before the weekend to join the council, will get their application put to the vote by members.

Down time…

The Saturday afternoon is often left for members & partners to do their own thing, then in the evening we all get together again for dinner which is non-formal.

Sunday morning is the time that we have to say goodbye to everyone, hoping to see them at the next years AGM.

Join us in 2018

The AGM is an informative, stimulating and fun benefit of being a member of ILTSA and another great reason to be part of ILTSA.

We would love to see new and existing members at the 2018 AGM & Social weekend, which is planned to be in the north west, in the Preston area.


Stocktaker, stocktaking… you should join ILTSA and here’s why

Why you should join ILTSAIf you are a stocktaker, or carrying out stocktaking work, the chances are you are self-employed, working on your own and without the opportunity to meet other professionals in the trade.

Not surprisingly, being a stocktaker can seem a lonely place with little expert help or support at hand.

Joining ILTSA, the trade body for stock auditors across the UK, is the best way to gain a support network of fellow stock audit professionals. From training and advice to holiday & sick cover, being a member of the Institute can help support you and your business.

How ILTSA membership can help you

Here are just a few of the ways that the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors membership can help you:

Training & qualifications

  • If you are just starting out on a stocktaking career, then ILTSA provides a comprehensive 3-day course run by members that gives a thorough understanding of the profession.
  • Passing the ILTSA exams means you become a qualified member of the only qualifying body for stocktakers in the Licensed Trade. Promoting yourself as such gives clients more confidence in employing you as they know that you have proved your expertise and professional skills.
  • The ILTSA Accreditation scheme is an opportunity for continuing professional development.  Members working practices are assessed by a group of experienced and helpful fellow professionals and is a great way to develop best practice and your skills.

Business lead generation

  • Since the ILTSA website was relaunched it is getting more traffic & generating more stocktaking inquiries for our members.
  • There is an opportunity to pick up new business from areas of the country that have no or limited coverage. As an example, there was recent inquiry for a stocktaking job in Anglesey but unfortunately there was no one in the area to take it.
  • Members are more likely to recommend another member for work that they are unable to cover or is out of their area.


  • If you require help to cover sickness, holiday or the odd job that you cannot cover then there is help available for these situations.
  • We are able to offer a range of member benefits such as discounts on AA membership.


  • Once you’re a member (you do not need to be qualified), there is the opportunity to attend the annual AGM weekend which is held in a different location each year. This weekend is a good opportunity to socialise with other stocktakers & their partners. Starting on a Friday with day trip to a something interesting in the local area. Saturday morning is the day of the AGM, then you have Saturday afternoon free.
  • As a qualified member there is the opportunity to become a member of the council that runs the organization and helps set the professional standards of stocktaking.
  • We also have active Facebook & Twitter pages that can be used to network with your fellow ILTSA members.

Find out more

Being a member of ILTSA will be a big benefit to your chosen career. Find out more and apply using the links below:


2017 Stocktaker Training Courses announced by professional trade body

Stocktaker training and qualifications with ILTSAThe only qualifying body for licensed trade stock auditors, ILTSA, has confirmed the dates for the 2017 intensive stocktaker training courses in March and October.

Basic to Advanced stock auditing

These popular courses are suitable for everyone, including those with no experience in the industry, as they take you from the basics to advanced stocktaking.

They will give you an excellent grounding in the profession and are an ideal stepping stone to a stock auditing career for a company or in your own business.

Intensive but enjoyable stocktaking training course

The intensive 3-day courses continue to get good reviews from those attending, with comments from recent events including:

I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to other people I know that are interested in stocktaking

All the lecturers were very helpful, very good at explaining the subject – and very patient

I found the three days to be enjoyable, informative and beneficial to both me and my employer

Excellent course, delivered informatively and in a relaxed manner

Book your place now

You can now book your place on either 2017 course, simply use the links above to see the course syllabus and booking forms.  Alternatively find out more about ILTSA training courses»



The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors (ILTSA) is the only qualifying body for stocktakers within the Licensed Trade, with members throughout the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Europe.

All ILTSA qualified stocktakers have proved their ability through professional training and extensive qualifying exams.

Find out more about ILTSA»


Are drinks professionals gambling with one of their biggest assets?

The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock AuditorsILTSA, the qualifying body for stocktakers, found that up to 70%  of the drinks professionals they spoke to at Imbibe 2016 didn’t have a stocktaker or they “did the stock themselves”*.

The feedback also found that surprisingly many businesses undertook no stocktaking at all, with a number expressing the belief that doing the stocktake themselves saved them money.

Brett Websdale, Chairman of ILTSA, comments:

“Unfortunately these statistics highlight the disappointing fact that many businesses in the licensed trade do not understand the importance of professional expertise to protect one of its most important assets… its stock.”

No substitute for independent expertise

First and foremost, stocktakers provide an accurate and independent view of your food and beverage stock…. identifying shortages, thefts & wastage and enabling action to be swiftly taken to minimise your loss.

This isn’t simply a case of counting your stock but analysing, interpreting and reporting the results of the whole stock process from goods inward to sales & invoicing.

A professional stocktake will provide you with up-to-date, real-time, information on the state and profitability of your business.

Independent & impartial

Spotting issues and trends takes focus, expertise from years of auditing and someone independent from your businesses day-to-day activities.

Although stock can be tracked in-house, an impartial view ensures owners get a true picture of what is happening in their business and benefits from insights on industry stock management good practice.

Does in-house really save you money?

An often stated reasons for doing stocktaking in-house is that it saves money. Although the actual auditor fees may be saved the simple fact is that in most cases the value of the audit is also lost.

As staff will still need to carry out the auditing there is still an inherent cost even with in-house. However, without the skills, expertise and time to interpret the results, the actionable results staff can produce becomes reduced.

What’s more, the failure to identify shortages, thefts & wastage quickly, if at all, is costing your business far more than the audit costs.

Brett Websdale, Chairman of ILTSA, continues:

“All of our members will be able to give you great examples of how they have saved their clients far more than their fees… because it happens all the time!”

ILTSA recommends qualified stocktakers

The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors recommends that all businesses in the food and beverage trade should use the services of a professional and qualified independent stocktaker.

ILTSA is the qualifying body of the licensed trade stock auditors and provides a directory of exam qualified stocktakers across the UK»

Read more about using a stocktaker:


Our findings

Imbibe 2016 was attended by over 12,000 drinks professionals including buyers, owners F&B managers, proprietors and general managers. The ILTSA feedback was based on the people who visited the ILTSA stand at the Imbibe Live 2016 held at London Olympia in July.

ILTSA stocktaking Examinations 18th October 2016

If you are an Associate Member of ILTSA, we would like to remind you that the next ILTSA qualifying exams are being held on Tuesday, 18th October 2016 in Lancashire.

There will be a Refresher Day to help you prepare for the exams on Monday 17th October.

Both days are taking place at the Shireburn Arms, Hurst Green, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

To find out more or book yourself in for the exams and/or refresher day please contact us.


Stocktaker training course 18th-20th October 2016

Intensive stocktaker training course by ILTSA

Book your place now on the next stocktaker training course run by the only qualifying body for stock auditors in the Licensed Trade, ILTSA (The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors).

Taking place between the 18th and 20th October, the ILTSA stocktaker 3-day stocktaker training course is the industry recognised essential training for those in the industry or considering taking up the profession.

See course and booking information»

For all levels, no previous experience required

Whatever your current experience in the profession, nothing is taken for granted on our Intensive Stock Auditor course, as it takes you from the basics to advanced stocktaking.

Of course, it is impossible to create stocktakers over a three-day period, but the lecturers will give everybody present a very good grounding of the profession, which will give them the stepping stone upon which to develop their own business or seek employment.

Three day intensive course

The 3-day course takes place at the popular Shireburn Arms Hotel in Clitheroe, Lancashire, which offers quality, comfortable training rooms and accommodation.

The course lecturers are all qualified and very experienced stock auditors that will provide not only a strong grounding in the theory but practical knowledge based on years in the profession.

The course itself covers everything you will need including:

  • Theory of stocktaking
  • Practical stocktaking
  • Goods Inwards
  • Allowances / Adjustments
  • Auxiliary stock control
  • Cellar control systems
  • Food stocktaking
  • Changeover valuations

Take a closer look at the course syllabus»

What past delegates say about the stocktaker training course

The course has been well received by delegates over many years with comments includuing:

The course was very comprehensive and I found the lecturers to be extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful.

I found the course to be an excellent learning experience. The course content was varied, interactive, and covered more areas than I imagined, I would not hesitate in recommending it to my colleagues.

Well constructed and followed a logical progression throughout. The lecturers obviously all knew their subject well and were helpful, patient and friendly both during the lectures and socially.


Why you should visit the ILTSA stand at Imbibe Live 2016

See ILTSA at Imbibe Live 2016Come and visit the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors at Imbibe Live if you want to find out more about training as a stocktaker, gaining a professional qualification or understanding how being a member of ILTSA could benefit you.

We are delighted to have a stand at this years Imbibe Live event which is being held at Olympia, London, on the 4th & 5th of July 2016.

Why the ILTSA stand is a must…

As the only qualifying body for stocktakers within the Licensed Trade, the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors has been setting the standards for the stocktaking industry for more than 60 years.

… for those looking to build a career

Our recognised professional training courses and exams provide a strong base to develop a successful career in the industry, whether as a stocktaker or any of the related hospitality areas such as hotelier, restaurant groups and publicans.

At the ILTSA stand, our team will be happy to tell you more about us, our professional training, exams and membership benefits.

… for industry decision makers

If you are a decision maker within our industry – independent hoteliers, CEO’s, directors, food and beverage managers – you should come to us to find out how our qualified and experienced members can provide you with a professional stocktaking service.

Where to find us

We would love to see you at our stand which you can find at Stand E80 Olympia. If you are not able to attend Imbibe Live then find out more about us on our website or contact us.

Imbibe Live

There will be over 200 exhibitors at Imbibe Live, which is the innovative and interactive annual exhibition for anyone who sources, buys or serves drinks in the licensed trade.

It is not only designed for wine, beer and spirit buyers but every type of person and operator in the industry including food & beverage controllers, managers, bar tenders, mixologists, wine waiters and sommeliers.


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