Update your Stock Auditor Profile

ILTSA Auditor Profile pageWe have re-designed our website to raise the profile of our qualified licensed trade stock auditors and to deliver you more business leads over the coming months.

To increase your chance of receiving leads it is important that you ensure your Stock Auditor profile page is up to date and encourages people to contact you.

We have sent you a link so that you can check the data we hold for you.  This information is used to create your page so please check the details carefully and send us updates and, if you can, an image to use.

The more appealing and informative your profile page is the more likely it is to attract inquiries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

AA Breakdown Cover through the ILTSA – Great value

The AAOne of the great benefits from being a member of the ILTSA is access to our AA Membership package that includes Roadside Assistance as well as Home Start, Relay & Relay Plus.

It is such great value that it virtually saves your subscription to the ILTSA each year!

If you are a new member and want to know more about the package please contact us via the contact form»

Renewal deadline for current members

If you are already a Member of the scheme please remember to complete the AA application form that has been emailed to you and return it to Brett Websdale as soon as possible (all the contact details are on the form).

We are pleased to say that there has been no increase on last year’s premiums despite the rise in insurance premium tax and the almost inevitable annual increase. This offers excellent value for money as well as giving you peace of mind whilst travelling from job to job.

Our Membership Package includes Roadside Assistance as well as Home Start, Relay & Relay Plus. Cover starts from 1st December – so please let Brett know before 20th November, if you are wanting to join or wish to continue membership for the coming year.